You Can Return to the Paradise of Nature

    It is very difficult to meet retirement in a busy life. Yet those who want to enjoy life, to surrender themselves to nature at certain times of the year, just take the time out. Every country in the world is very beautiful, but there are some places whose beauty fascinates and fascinates people. Readers today will talk about some of the places where you can easily come to your honeymoon. If you wish, you can take your loved ones, friends and family members to these heavenly places on earth.

    Santorini: An island in the South Aegean Sea in Greece. The extraordinary beauty of the island, the mesmerizing sunset, the exceptional beaches (black, red, white stone beaches) can be seen from here. All the nice houses of white cycladic stone and the blue domed church can be seen in Santorini.

    Karbi: Karbi is a province in southern Thailand. Karbi is a resort on the Andaman coast. Great place for a honeymoon. Mangrove forests, beaches, clear blue waters, extraordinary natural beauty will fascinate you. Places of interest are: Rail Beach, Ko Pada Beach, Ko Lanta Yai Beach, Tiger Cave Temple, Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, Nozi Parker Elephant Camp etc.

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    Bora Bora Island: France is a small island in the South Pacific Ocean in Polynesia. The largest island in the region is Bora Bora Island, 150 miles northeast of Tahiti. Sandy beaches, turquoise clear water, innumerable small lodges like huts, secluded shallow hearts, green hills will enchant you. The natural beauty of this island will fascinate you so much that you will not want to come back. Tell me what could be a better place for the honeymoon!

    Maldives: The Maldives is a popular place for honeymoon and sightseeing. This country is a collection of numerous small islands. Blue water, white sand beaches, dense green trees, nice resorts will give you full satisfaction.

    Punta Kana: A beach in the Dominican Republic. There are numerous recreational facilities including soft sand, calm blue water, palm trees, scuba diving, jet skiing, boat trips.

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