WASHINGTON, Oct. 3 (Xinhua) – The upcoming US national election is being discussed and criticized around the world. There will be a change of power – or will the Americans rely on Trump again? There is speculation about this. The first debate between the two presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, has already taken place. There is no end to the interest and concern of the Bengali people in New York about this election. If any candidate wins, it will be good for the immigrants. The debate continues from morning tea to dinner. The report highlights the fears, anxieties and hopes of Bangladeshis in the country over the election.

    Morshed Alam is one of them. He accompanied Bill Clinton on his visit to Bangladesh. Has long been involved with mainstream politics in the country. He is president of the New American Democrat Club.

    Morshed Alam said, “You see, Trump has stopped giving citizenship before the election. Because he thinks – new voters will vote for Biden. He has brought America to a point where it is now struggling to meet the basic rights of middle-class families. This country is full of immigrants. But he is trying to stop immigration. Muslims have a kind of ban. Closing all avenues to get asylum. Immigrants are terrified of the way arrests are being made before the election. Which is completely inhumane. ‘

    He said, “The country that led the world is now almost isolated from the big international organizations. If Trump is elected, the country will no longer be a country of immigrants. It will become a white dominated country. The way he speaks of racism and hatred is what ordinary people in the Third World usually say. We find hope and confidence in Biden. ”

    Nasir Khan Paul, chairman of the Bangladeshi American Republican Alliance, said: Trump is doing the immigration system on the basis of merit, which is essential for America. People can be heard here – Democrats work for the welfare of immigrants. In reality, it has no basis. The highest number of immigrants came to this country through OP-One and DB-One. That’s what the Republicans did. ‘

    “The number of people President Reagan has legitimized will be at least 70 percent of the immigrant community,” he said. President Barack Obama has deported 4.9 million people in his eight years. In comparison, Trump has given only 3 lakh people.

    Nasir Khan Paul said, ‘This country is not for those who want to survive with the help of the government without working or educating their families. This country has all kinds of facilities for those who dream of their own development. I was involved in 11 American elections. This selection is very important. The whole world has been affected by the Corona epidemic. Even then, there is no alternative to Donald Trump to keep America’s head high. Republican support is growing in the Bengali community.

    Immigration lawyer Ashok Karmakar said, “No innocent person is usually arrested. No religious or ethnic identities are mentioned anywhere in the countries that have been banned. In the case of visa, not only merit but also economic aspect will be considered. Visas will not be issued to those who want to come to this country and become dependent on government assistance. The Trump administration is making asylum difficult day by day. In that sense, Biden is a place of hope for immigrants. However, the number of Bengali voters is not enough to determine the victory or defeat of any candidate.

    Real estate tycoon Rahman Mahbub said, “Biden is a very weak candidate, unlike Trump. Many Bangladeshis hate Trump for religious reasons. Trump has also made anti-immigrant remarks centering on the election. I believe that like George W. Bush, he is talking like this to please the apparent conservatives. Basically, he is not an inhuman person.

    School teacher Rifat Jahan said, ‘The country is full of immigrants. People in all countries of the world are not educated and rich. Just because they can’t live with their family? If Biden is elected, our life will be smooth. The oppressed people of the world consider this country as a place of humanity and refuge. Biden is good for everyone, including the middle class. I think Biden will be the winner. ‘


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