Whatsapp To Give You Option To Control Who Can Add You To A Group Here Is How To Use It
    Now control Whatsapp - who can add to groups

    Now control Whatsapp - who can add to groups

    WhatsApp groups are different in their own way. Each group nature is different, the problem is different. Sometimes even if you want, you cannot get out of them. But maybe soon WhatsApp can give you relief in the case of groups.

    There are reports that WhatsApp is trying to provide such an option to the users, which will give them the option to control who can add them to a group.

    So far, no random contact or contact number is saved, however, it can add you to any WhatsApp group. But with this new feature of WhatsApp, you will get relief from this problem.

    According to the news, WhatsApp is bringing this feature to iOS beta users, who have joined the testflight beta program in the next iOS update.

    How to use

    – This new feature will be available under WhatsApp settings.

    – For this, users have to first go to the account through settings.

    – Go to account and click on privacy.

    – There will be an option for groups in privacy, click on it.

    – In this, you will see the option of group invitations – Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.

    On choosing the first option, anyone can add you to any group, on choosing the option of My Contacts, the people whose number you have saved in your phone can only add you to a group. But if you want that no one can add you to any group, then you have to choose Nobody.

    If you will choose this option, whenever someone tries to add you to a group, you will get the first request, which will be added to that group only after you accept it. This request will expire in 72 hours.

    However, the report also says that the feature of creating group links will also be added to it, which will be created after the group is created. This will allow a user to be added to the group despite the privacy settings.


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