What to do if you have a Sore Throat?

    Sore throat is a very common occurrence. Most of the time it is seen that the throat is more cheerful in the morning or morning and it gradually decreases in the afternoon. It is seen that this kind of discomfort increases with the difference in temperature in the environment. This problem can be exacerbated by a viral infection. However, if you are infected with a virus or any such infection, there is not much response to anti-biotic drugs.

    In most cases, it is very common to have a sore throat before a cold or cough. When a nasal infection or sinus problem occurs, a small portion of the aqueous portion is passed down the throat through the nostrils. In that case also there is discomfort in the throat, this kind of problem is seen more at night.

    There are a few viruses that only make the throat sick. Which makes the throat happy all day long. It is even like a rash inside the throat. There are some viruses that cause fever, which we call viral fever. More than that, the throat can be happy a lot of the time.

    Streptococcal infections are caused by bacterial infections. Pharyngitis, tonsillitis is such a disease. Repeated exposure to this type of disease can lead to rheumatic fever later on. In this case the patient must be given anti-biotics. In case of streptococcal infection, the patient usually has a fever of more than 101 degrees Fahrenheit. White spots may appear on the inside of the throat or may be reddish. Throat may swell, swallowing may cause pain. Pain and swelling may occur in the lymph glands or lymph nodes in the neck or adjacent to the throat. Children may also have headaches and abdominal pain.

    There is a difference between streptococcal infection and viral infection. However, initially the symptoms of both diseases are almost the same (runny nose, sneezing, coughing, hoarseness, etc.). It is not possible to treat streptococcal infections just by examining the inside of the throat. In that case some pathological examination is necessary.

    It is often seen that there is no infection anywhere in the body. Nevertheless, the throat is sore, coughing. Many people are worried about why this is happening. It can be seen that many people breathe through their mouths as their noses are closed. In that case, it is normal to make the throat happy. In most cases, during the dry cold in winter, there is more discomfort in the throat and cough after waking up. As the day progresses, drinking hot drinks, however, gradually disappears. Allergies can also cause sore throats. Many similar symptoms are observed in those situations. For example, cough, sore throat, burning sensation in the throat, pain when swallowing, etc.


    1. Breathing through the mouth (the throat becomes dry and the throat begins to swell), II. Common cold, 3. Endotracheal intubation, 4. Flu or fever, 5. Mononucleosis infection, 6. Streptococcal infection, 6. If the operation is performed on the tonsils or any other gland, 6. Viral pharyngitis sixty. Throat infections do not last long. It is recommended to rest at home at this time.

    What needs to be done at this stage

    • It is better to drink hot drinks. Honey and lemon-tea give promising results, but it is time consuming.
    • Mix salt in hot water and gargle repeatedly to get good results.
      -There are some lozenges, which are good for the throat. Sucking on such lozenges releases saliva, which helps to alleviate the discomfort in the throat. However, it is better not to use this method in the case of children. There is a possibility of sore throat.
      -If there is pain in the throat, vapor can be taken at the same time.
      -Acitaminophen group of drugs works well if there is more pain or cough. Aspirin group drugs should not be used in children.

    When to go to the doctor?
    -If children have excessive coughing and sore throat or too much discomfort,
    -When the fever rises above 101 degrees Fahrenheit,
    -When you see white spots on the inner wall of the throat,
    -If you see a red rash on the inside of the throat and on the back wall,
    -If you have difficulty breathing, have a sore throat or are very uncomfortable and
    -If you feel pain and swelling in the lymph glands

    Some initial tests are done when going to a doctor or specialist.

    He will also ask you a number of questions about your illness.
    How long have you been suffering from this disease?
    Does anyone in your family suffer from this type of disease?
    Is the pain increasing, or is it the same?
    Having trouble swallowing hard or soft food?
    How long is the cough in children? Coughing too much?
    Does this problem increase after dusk? Can you sleep at night Do you have to breathe through your mouth?
    Do you like to vaporize or gargle? Do you feel good playing with medicine?
    Do you have a fever? Whether there is a rumbling sound with breathing? Are you allergic?
    Is there swelling or pain in the lymph glands near the throat?
    Are you taking any medicine?

    Tests that need to be done
    Some blood tests are important in this case. Such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), Monospot Test, Throat Culture and Rapid Strap Test.

    Treatment cannot be started in that way till the test report is received. However, if someone in the patient’s family has this type of disease or is suffering from rheumatic fever, the doctor can start treatment immediately. If the throat culture and strap test report is negative, it is better not to use anti-biotic drugs. Every anti-biotic drug has side effects. If anti-biotic medication is started then the prescribed course of medication should be completed, it is better not to stop the medication in the middle. Children can be sent to school within 24 hours of starting antibiotics. If mononucleosis is found, it is advisable to rest at home.

    If tonsillitis is caused by a bacterial infection, then anti-biotic drugs must be applied. Tonsillitis has also been reported in some cases. In that case anti-biotic drugs are not required. If it is found that this problem is recurring, but it is not a bacterial infection, then taking anti-allergy medicine can give good results.

    Disease prevention
    Wash your hands well before eating. This is the primary condition to prevent any throat problems. Because if you have germs in your hand, it can enter the body directly. Talk to people who have a throat infection at a distance. Sometimes it is better to do vapor or gargle, it also reduces the inertia of the throat a lot of the time.


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