Washing hair in Hot water is a severe hair loss

    Washing hair in Hot water is a severe hair loss

    Let’s discover out what might be the issue.

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    Hair loss:

    Bathing in hot water can break the hair. And this hot water opens the pores of the scalp, which softens the hair follicles. And that is the place the hair falls out.

    Coarse hair:

    Common use of hot water cuts off the pure oils on the scalp and hair, leaving the hair tough, lifeless and uninteresting.

    Dandruff issues:

    One of many causes of dandruff is dry scalp. And utilizing hot water dries the scalp. This results in itching and dandruff.


    One factor to remember is that an excessive amount of chilly water can be good for the scalp. And for this you need to use gentle hot water to clean your hair. As a result of it would injury the hair on the one hand, in addition to the hair can be clear.


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