Stem Cells in Stroke Therapy

    Stem Cells in Stroke Therapy

    In Germany, more than two and a half million people have a stroke each year More than 60 thousand died The cost of treatment is more than six billion euros If the blood clot in the patient’s head can be drained quickly, the risk of damage is less

    Time is of the essence for stroke patients If left untreated within a few hours, it can have a detrimental effect on the body Speech may be slurred or limbs may become numb The Freunhofer Institute, a German research institute, is trying to reduce this type of physical disability through stem cell therapy.

    Director of the Neurological Department of the Faunhofer Institute. Boltse expressed satisfaction at seeing his sheep on the premises of the Veterinary Institute in Leipzig. Although they look like normal sheep, there is a slight difference Shave the fur in a small place on the buttocks Dr. “We took cell samples from the buttocks of these sheep,” Boltsey said. These cells have now been given to the laboratory for testing The hair on the buttocks has been shaved to prevent contamination during collection. ”

    Animals are affected by artificial stroke. The success of the new therapy depends on the research of this cell Some sheep have been tested for artificial strokes Dr. “Strokes are caused by surgery in a special way,” Boltsey said Of course, the animals do not suffer so much After some time, no physical illness can be understood Because we give the dose in such a way that there are no limitations in the daily life of the sheep. ”

    Physical weakness of sheep can be detected by examination with magnetic resonance or MRI. The movement of animals is also tested Like human beings, sheep also have difficulty in normal movement due to stroke The front of the sheep is examined with one leg set aside In Bolt’s words, “the sheep tries to stand on all fours.” We notice if the sheep is able to stand properly If any difficulty is seen, then it is understood that the harmful effects of stroke remain And if the sheep can stand normally, its involvement with cell therapy will be understood. ”

    The next test will be performed on humans. The researchers injected the sheep’s stem cells into his body. In the next step, human cells will be tested Alexandra Stolsing, a researcher at the Fraunhofer Institute, is trying to collect stem cells from human skin. However, the problem is that the skin cells are not so flawless In order to return to the original stem cell, this cell has to start its journey from zero again Only then can other cells be made The study is still in its early stages However, the results obtained so far are quite interesting

    Stallsing said, “My main field of study is aging The way an old cell can be turned into a new cell is fascinating We are now closely monitoring this issue Will the cell damage be removed or repaired? What will be the state of the genome? Can these be transformed into young genomes again? We are trying to find answers to all these questions. ”

    Positive results have been observed
    What happens to the body when a stem cell is inserted after a stroke is still unknown to researchers However, it is clear that these cells do not enter the brain directly to repair neurons. This type of process requires at least four weeks But within a week after the stem cell injection, positive results can be seen in the sheep. In the words of Boltz, “stem cells can prevent the physical impairment caused by a stroke, regulate the process of infection. So all in all, stem cell therapy gives good results. ”

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    Stem cell therapy is just one step in the treatment of stroke The point is to take the patient to a suitable clinic quickly so that the clotted blood in the head can be drained quickly. This therapy will soon be tested on humans However, despite the success of the research, it will take at least a decade for stem cell therapy to become readily available. In the case of stroke, prevention is better than therapy

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