Obesity and Coronary Heart Disease

    At any given time, millions of people around the world are working tirelessly to reduce obesity. But in the ‘world of temptation trap’, traders are also sitting to get the trap of Buzruki speculation treatment. Those who do business by capitalizing on the helplessness and weakness of the people, go to the forest one day by earning money, they also get various medals and titles.
    Those who do not have the idea of ​​body weight loss and gain, nutrition, exercise, obesity, scientific knowledge of these, reasoning, are caught in their trap.

    The problem with them is that they are big believers in the miraculous solution to these ‘wonder treatments’. It is believed that they will lose fat without any effort, they will get lean and beautiful body. One is wasting money, time and health.

    Obesity and Coronary Heart Disease

    But they do not think, healthy diet, regular exercise can stay slim for life. The slimming business flourished in a web of deceptions.

    In these programs, it is said that in one way or another, there is an urge to go on hunger strike for one reason or another. Any foodpack, nutritional supplement or magic medicine. May be given massage, bath, sometimes sitting under the bahari device. Wearing a belt around the belly, applying a gel coating in different places, playing it with electricity flowing through the muscles, dancing — what a witch!

    Run to stay Fit, but in the Opposite Direction

    The main thing is a low-calorie diet

    A diet below 600 calories is a very low calorie diet. Even with the best supervision, such a low calorie diet is extremely dangerous. They will take a lot of money, but they will not be fed.

    But I know what happens in a hunger strike

    1. Glycogen is lost by starvation. Glycogen is a sugar tolerant to the liver and muscles. The body loses water and protein. Don’t lose too much fat. The body shrinks, dries up, becomes dehydrated, looks thin.

    2. Many kinds of nutritional deficiencies, calories, sugars, meats, fats, vitamins, minerals দেখা all occur in the body due to starvation. The body becomes weak, wrinkled, pale, bloodless unfit, mind-body does not feel good. Misconceptions about weight loss at first may lead to more starvation — thus leading to more malnutrition. Not only anemia, but also loss of body fat.

    That is why the body shrinks, the skin sags this is the result of these programs of slimming by starvation. Micronutrients are deficient in the body. Calcium deficiency occurs. Tooth caries, bone pain, neck and back pain, osteoporosis, constipation, hemorrhoids, gauze are all common.
    It is acid, stomach ailments, colitis, indigestion.

    3. The metabolic rate in the body decreases. So the rate of burning calories every day also comes down. When normal diet is started, body weight returns quickly. The body is thicker: more than before

    Such slimming techniques are dangerous. Every time weight returns to the body, blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, fat all increase. These do not easily return to normal, so the risk of stroke, diabetes and heart attack increases.

    How many more strategies are there in the slimming market become a trap

    There is folk medicine, totka treatment. Many people think it is safe. Is it possible to be slim with medicine?

    There are machines that run electricity on the muscles with a low-calorie diet. All witches.
    There are herbal food packs. Shrubs are safe, but they are not. Such foodpacks are very dangerous. All strategies come with a low-calorie diet.

    Some gyms provide a fat diet. The ‘revolutionary diet’ of slimming. That’s all nonsense. The low calorie diet is a new, colorful wrap. The Atkins diet is also not appropriate.

    In 1982, Dr. The Atkin diet was discovered. Experts criticized it. Some followed it quite well. ‘High fat, low carbohydrate’ diet. A. Atkins Diet: Eat fat, meat, eggs, fats, butter, cheese arbitrarily, but cucumbers, pulses, other sugary foods are prohibited. Many also call it hyprotein, low carbohydrate.

    This diet is deadly dangerous. Playing these will increase the amount of fat in the blood, cholesterol LDL — increase coronary risk. Nutritionists and the American Medical Association have repeatedly criticized the Atkins Diet, although many follow it. There is surgery. Liposuction, lipasectomy, removal of some part of the gastrointestinal tract their safe use and application are also matters to consider.


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