Non-surgical treatment for low back pain

    The number of people who have not suffered from spinal or neck, back or waist pain at any age in their life is very low. For many of those who work out regularly, the pain can be devastating. However, there are many reasons for this.

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    Causes of back pain

    1. Injuries to the gluteus / buttock area.
    2. If the piriformis muscle is tight / spasm.
    3. If there is inflammation in the bursa of the piriformis muscle.
    4. Hypertrophy of the piriformis muscle.
    5. If arthritis of the sacroiliac joint.
    . If total hip joint replacement.
    . If the tumor.
    . Due to long time use of wallet or wallet.
    9. Seekers, truck drivers, tennis players, long-distance bikers are at higher risk.


    The pain will spread to the buttocks, hip joints, hamstring muscles, and even the leg muscles.
    May cause numbness.
    In fact, the pain increases when standing, sitting, when the puck is moved to the other leg (adduction, internal rotation).
    Reduces pain when walking or jogging.
    The legs may swell.
    Sexual intercourse can be a problem.
    The pain may be felt on the lateral side of the foot.

    (In case of these problems, at least one graduate physiotherapist / neurologist / orthopedics specialist will be consulted. He will diagnose by physical examination, CT scan, MRI, electromyography)


    1. Medications: Painkillers (NSAIDs) for pain, muscle relaxant, and neuropathy medication for pain after correct diagnosis of periformis syndrome.

    2. Physiotherapy (main treatment): 70-80 percent completely cures two to three days a week after two months of treatment.

    Hot packs or cold sprays to reduce pain. A physiotherapist also conducts ultrasound therapy, weight therapy, mobilization, manipulation, stretching and straining exercises after proper assessment and diagnosis and teaches movement patterns. It will also teach you to do some exercises at home and do some lifestyle changes.

    3. If you do not understand the benefits of steroids, botulinum toxin should be injected into the periformis muscle.

    Ways to prevent

    Not sitting for long. Walk or stand every 20 minutes.
    Stop and stand a few times while driving then do stretching.
    Protecting the gluteal region from any injury.
    Stretching every day to prevent recurrence of periformis syndrome.
    Saiful Islam (Physiotherapy Student)
    National Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute (NITOR), Dhaka.

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