How to earn money online in India without investment

    With the pandemic happening, a lot of people have had to figure out different ways of earning money online. The most common question that we’ve come to find is ‘How to earn money online in India without investment?’, so here we are to help you with a list of some amazing ways to earn money online.

    How to earn money online in India without investment

    This list is not only relevant today for people who don’t have a job or couldn’t find one due to the pandemic, but also for those who want to add to their income, want to support themselves and their families or are even looking for a paid hobby. We will be listing a series of jobs based on skills required, the daily time required and even how well you will be paid.

    So, let’s get started!

    Data Entry

    Data Entry has been around for years and while it might seem not relevant in today’s day and age but you’d be wrong. Data Entry is still a very in-demand job, more so now! The amount of data that we are now dealing with is huge! With so many people constantly online, we now have a lot of data that is sent and received every second. approximately 91.3 exabytes – or 1 billion gigabytes of data will have passed through the internet.

    So, with this much data online, Data Entry has become even more important. Organized data can help you understand trends, which is why data entry jobs are still one of the most relevant jobs on the market today and also a great way to earn money online without investment.

    The amount of data entry you do directly affects the money you make. So you can make as much as or little as the hours you put in.

    Online Reselling

    Another great job for a newbie and has recently surfaced in the last decade is Online Reselling. Another name for this is Dropshipping. In online reselling, you can easily start your own online store or business without having to worry about any investment.

    Online reselling is when you resell products without having to pay for them in advance. You find the buyer and you will have access to a wholesaler, you will provide the information of the buyer directly to the wholesaler and he will ship the product directly to your customer and you earn on every sale you make.

    Sign up with online reselling apps such as Shop101 where you will receive a complete catalog of products. Now, all you have to do is select products that you like or you think people will like and share the product catalogs with them. Add a small margin to the cost of the product that you see on the app. If they make a purchase, you input their information on the app and sit back. The wholesaler will directly ship the product to your customer, and you will earn the margin you’ve put on the product.

    This is a great and easy way to earn money from home for anyone. A couple of hours a day and you can easily earn a suitable income for yourself.

    Digital Assistant

    Another great job for newbies that love organizing is becoming a digital assistant. Hiring a full-time assistant can become costly, especially for young entrepreneurs who can’t afford to spend too much. Here, digital assistants can come in handy.

    Digital assistants work on an hourly basis and help people with simple and easy tasks such as organizing calendars, making appointments, keeping track of schedules and helping out wherever necessary.

    In return, digital assistants get paid on a per hour basis and can easily choose their timings whenever feasible. They don’t have to work around the clock and payment is also great!


    In this section, I’ll include all types of freelancing gigs. These jobs require specific skills, depending on the type of job. Also with freelancing, you can pick up multiple different jobs if you are talented.

    If you have any specific skills or multiple skills, you can use them to earn money from home by taking on specific projects. Freelancing allows companies to only pay by the project instead of having to hire a full-time employee. For freelancers, they can work on their own time, without having to step a foot in the office.

    Popular freelancing jobs include Blogging, Programming, Development, Graphic Design, Music Production, and Marketing. There are people always hiring in these sections. Simply log on to any reputed freelancing website and get started.


    They say if you are good at something, why do it for free? Here, that’s exactly what you should do. If you are good at a particular task or a skill like maths or yoga, then you can easily start teaching it online to others and earn money.

    Online learning has become hugely popular today and a lot of people are looking to learn skills online. So, you can either get customers and teach them live in batches or one-on-one. Or, you can create a youtube channel or an account online Udemy, edX, SkillShare, etc.

    Here are some great ways for you to start earning money online. If you have the time and dedication, then you can even do a mix of any of these. Earning online these days is becoming much easier with the internet, and we hope we’ve answered your question to ‘How to earn money online in India without investment?’. So why not get right into it and start having some fun and earning money!

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