Smoking Statistics by year

    “Every year 57 lakh people are affected by tobacco. Every year, 36,000 people are directly affected by tobacco products. The treatment costs 5 thousand crore rupees a year.

    Did You Know ? Tobacco affects 5.6 million people a year

    Indian Health Minister made the remarks at a discussion on National No Tobacco Day on Tuesday afternoon.

    The event titled ‘Tobacco Control Act and Public Health’ was organized by the india Anti-Tobacco Alliance.

    “Public awareness is needed first to get rid of this harmful effect of tobacco. When the people of the country know the harmful side of it, they will stop using tobacco products.

    “We don’t have to legislate, we have to ensure proper implementation of the law,” he said. A number of amendments have been made to the law in this regard, which will be passed in Parliament soon.

    Smoking Statistics by year

    The state minister of health also thinks that there is no alternative to political goodwill to build a tobacco-free country.

    Senior vice President of country said “Political goodwill is needed first to bring tobacco use to zero. Because, whoever is in power, why don’t they take initiative in this field which is effective for the people for fear of losing the vote.

    Can’t Even Quit Smoking? Here are Some Tips

    He urged the people of the country to make a definite commitment in this regard whenever they come to power.

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