Depression Increases the Risk Of arterial Diseases

    Many people with severe heart disease have fluid retention in their lungs. These people are sometimes dying of suffocation. Experience such feelings. This has been reported in a study by the British Heart Foundation.

    British Heart Foundation researcher said. Mike Napton said many people with heart disease survive heartstroke due to various medications but it leaves them with various problems that they don’t know about. As a result people.

    Fluid can build up in the lungs – which sometimes makes people choke, even if they are not able to get up if they are lying in a chair or bed at that time.

    Human heart cells cannot be reproduced. Mike Nepton commented that significant progress could be made by researching the subject through stem cell research.

    Studies have shown that 80 percent of people are unaware of the effects of heart attack. There are a total of seven and a half million people with heart disease in Britain. These people cannot move blood normally in the heart and all parts of the body, which is one of the causes of heart stroke.

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    A study of 2,160 people found that 33 percent thought a heart attack was the cause of a heart attack. Incredibly, 33 percent think that heart problems go away on their own.

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