Deep Breathing for Good and Healthy Health

    An important key to good health is ‘breathing’. This is something we often do not notice. Human breathing is endless, 15-20 times per minute; The whole day, every day, as long as I live. Breathing is an automatic and reflex action.

    Deep Breathing for Good and Healthy Health

    Stress is the problem: Oxygen is the solution: Healthy breathing is a deep, deep breathing that cleanses the inside of the body. Whatever happens on a daily basis, we each breathe shallowly, only a small percentage of our lung capacity is used up. This is how we take in the amount of oxygen that our body needs. As if taking a deep breath. We know that respiration is automatic but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. In a busy, hectic life, shallow breathing goes on all day because of stress. Such breathing becomes a habit at some point. When there is no pressure on the mind-body, we still do shallow breathing, but if we want to breathe consciously, voluntarily, then other things will happen. Experts have such advice.

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    Stress: The bottom line is that we need to breathe to get more oxygen. It’s good to remember that every time we breathe, we do a health work. Not just judging health value, breathing-exhaling is like training the mind, preparing the mind to think differently, then turning that training into action. Then there is a purposeful, well-balanced daily routine.

    Breathing out your own stress: The relationship is this: Whenever you are under pressure, breathing deeply is like blowing away anxiety. On the other hand, if we have a difficult time in our life due to stress, then shallow breathing continues, it continues, the body does not get enough nutritious oxygen to deal with difficult situations.

    Why deep breathing is needed every day: Every cell in the body needs oxygen. We have heart and blood vessels. This oxygen in the flowing blood acts as a catalyst for all the chemical reactions that take place in supplying oxygen to each cell and relieving the oxygen in the blood; Food is converted into energy. Oxygen is life.

    Other mechanisms of the body are also important. These are all dependent on oxygen. Fresh food and drink, sleep and rest, daily exercise all of these have a beneficial effect on health when our breathing is uninterrupted. Breath is the basis of life.

    Studies conducted at Weller University have shown that oxygen deficiency is the leading cause of heart disease, stroke and cancer. Simple deep breathing-elimination every day, as well as moderate quality exercise can counteract these life-threatening diseases. Another important point: the brain needs more oxygen than other organs. When the brain does not get enough oxygen, the mind becomes sluggish, negative thoughts become crowded, and vision and memory gradually become impaired.

    Body protection: So set aside five minutes every day for deep breathing. Simply put, it is the body’s best defense against stress. Even in the face of intense stress, when breathing is fast and shallow, it can be learned through informed practice. And then you can immediately start taking long, deep breaths; The body then realizes that the stress is gone from the body-mind even though it is an illusion.

    How to breathe more and more, every day: Do deep breathing for a few minutes a day. Second, whenever you feel pressure, take a few deep breaths. That’s what the body wants then.
    Take five to ten consecutive breaths in the nasal passages. Then take it out with the mouth, its effect on the biochemistry of the body, the mind is calm, serene, relaxed.

    The body can be more actively associated with breathing: Spend five minutes a day for deep breathing. It is best to practice deep breathing, even in the midst of work and stress. If necessary, you can escape to a quiet, quiet place and breathe with your eyes closed. He has also worked on the computer and is taking deep breaths. Either way, the benefits can be reaped. Take five to ten consecutive breaths in the nostrils; Then let’s do this for five minutes, every day. Breathing can also be associated with Eiffel and stretching. You can practice breathing while walking. Deep breathing will thus become a part of life.


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