Why do I get constipated in the winter

    Water thirst is less in winter. So the problem of dehydration is more at the beginning and end of winter.

    The tendency to drink water decreases in cold weather. So the problem of constipation also occurs. At this time you have to drink more water.

    Those who do not have problems all year round may also have problems with constipation in winter.

    Constipation Increases when Winter Comes, What to Do

    Stomach is not clean when constipation occurs. As a result, the gas problem persists. If you suffer from constipation for a long time, it can lead to colon cancer.

    So everyone needs to be aware of living at this time. Let’s find out what to do to prevent constipation at this time-

    Why do I get constipated in the winter

    • 1. You can soak it in water on an empty stomach in the morning or before going to bed at night. You can soak it in water and mix a little sugar or Egyptian. You can also eat it with milk.
    • 2. You can eat khai for breakfast or at night. Khoi can be eaten with milk or tokadai. Khai has a lot of fiber in it and it plays a role in cleansing the stomach. In addition, the probiotic in tokadai helps in digestion.
    • 3. Adequate amount of water should be consumed even in winter. At the beginning of the day, eat lemon mixed with warm water. You will also benefit from this. Walk regularly with that. Eat liquid food to fill the water deficiency in the body.
    • 4. Soak a large cardamom in a cup of hot milk overnight. Wake up in the morning and crush this cardamom and eat it with milk. The problem of constipation will go away.
    • 5. Sleeping on the left side also reduces the problem of constipation.
    • . You can eat ripe papaya and apple every day for constipation. In addition, you can eat a lot of vegetables, pulses.

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    • . Adequate sleep is needed to clean the stomach. Many problems are solved only when sleep is good.


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