Dhaka, Oct 26: Bangladesh lags behind South Asia in data speed and Maldives is ahead. The issue has come up in the data of Oklar Speedtest Global Index.

    Bangladesh lags behind in data Speed in South Asia

    According to this index, the average speed of mobile internet in the international arena in September was 35.28 Mbps. South Korea is at the top of the race (download speed 121 MBs). China is in second place (download speed 113.35 MBs).

    Bangladesh internet speed

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    The Maldives tops South Asia, ranking 57th in the world. The country’s data speed is 35.70 Mbps. Bangladesh’s position is 133 (download speed 10.75 MBs).

    India ranks 131st. The average download speed on mobile internet in the country is 12.06 Mbps. In the international arena, India lags behind Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in terms of mobile internet speeds.

    Sri Lanka ranks 102 (19.95 Mbps) in the index, while Pakistan ranks 116 (download speed 18.13 Mbps). Nepal is next to Pakistan in the list (download speed 16.12 MBs).

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