Apple is bringing its Own Search Engine in a New Form

    So far, Apple pays Google between  1 billion and  1.2 billion a year to use Google’s search engine on Apple devices. But the deal is likely to expire soon, with US law enforcement filing a no-confidence motion against Google.

    However, Apple has been preparing to stay away from Google for a long time. According to GSM Arena, Apple is bringing its own web crawler Applebot, which first appeared in 2014. Apple is going to revive that now. Searching on the home screen of iOS-14, they are going to launch their own website instead of Google, the media said.

    While it’s not clear what Apple’s search engine will look like, it’s almost clear that Apple and Google’s behavior as primary search providers to take money from different devices may soon come under pressure from regulators.

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    But Apple may value privacy. Because of Tim Cook’s open letter to buyers, our business model is very straightforward. We sell many large sized products. But we do not create a profile database based on buyers ‘e-mails to monitor buyers’ interests. I don’t look at the information stored in the storage of iPhone or iCloud. We don’t read buyers’ e-mails or messages.

    However, the news media is quite skeptical about how Apple will be a successful search engine without creating such a profile database of buyers. Because so far it is possible to bring a successful search result by analyzing the browsing style of the buyers and the information they have stored.

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