Allergy to House Dust

    Dust allergies are a common occurrence even in clean houses. People suffer from runny nose, itchy eyes and runny eyes throughout the year. The reason is the dust germs in the house. Dust causes asthma patients to have difficulty breathing, coughing as soon as they breathe. Why are you allergic to body dust? House dust is actually a mixture of many things.

    Allergy to House Dust

    Its components can be more or less different from one room to another, depending on the type of furniture used, the presence of pets, the humidity. Dust can contain dead skin cells, human fur, microscopic germs, cockroach bugs, fungal germs, food particles, and many other discarded small objects. Of these, fur, cockroaches and dust mites are the three main hazards. A person can suffer from any of these. And when he comes in contact with dust, an allergic reaction occurs.

    What to say if you are allergic to dust whether it is a dirty house or not because the dirty house can increase the allergy problem though. The normal house cleaning process is not enough to protect against dust allergies. Because it is not possible to remove all the elements of dust in this way. No matter how hard you try with a vacuum cleaner, you can’t remove dust germs from carpets, mats and pillows. On the contrary, it could make matters worse.

    What are the microbes in the dust? Finger insects and chiggers belong to the same family. These have a strong body. They can survive well at 80 percent Fahrenheit or higher. They prefer 75-80 percent humidity. When the humidity is less than 40-50 percent, their offspring do not grow. They are not seen in dry weather. It has been found that 10 percent of people are infected due to them. Ninety percent of asthma patients develop allergic reactions when they come in contact with them. People get allergies when they come in contact with these germs.

    They are most common on pillows, mats, carpet folds and under furniture. When swept or applied with a vacuum cleaner, they float in the air or move to the other side on foot. Allergy patients enter the body with breathing and exacerbate symptoms. In fact, a person who sleeps 8 hours a day has direct exposure to the germs nesting on the pillow for about one-third of his life. Dust on one end can contain up to 19,000 germs. On an average this number is 10,000 per village.

    Each bacterium creates 10 new ones a day. Their survival period is 30 days. Their food is animal hair and dead skin cells. So where people live, they live. They do not bite, do not spread any other disease and do not nest in the human body. They are only harmful to people who are allergic to these germs. The germs that are usually used at home cannot be removed. As a result, it is not possible to reduce the amount of dust germs in the house. Why is there fungus in the dust in the house? However, it is possible to create a fungal colony in any house.

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    The occupants of the house may not see the fungus colony on the wall but it is just starting to form. Two things play a special role in building a fungal colony in the house. (1) High humidity is more than 50 percent. Small leaks in the water pipe or any flow of water plays a role in this. (2) If there is any board on the wall or if there is damp furniture, fungus grows there. Spores of the fungus spread through the cloth. From this spore a complete fungus is formed in a favorable environment through a specific life cycle.

    Patients who are allergic to fungi are more likely to have fungal allergies if they are at home with the fungus. Because they swallow the fungus with their breath. Are there cockroaches in the dust of the house? Different parts of the cockroach are mixed in the dust of the house. It is almost impossible to eradicate cockroaches, especially in old houses and flats where different families live in different flats. People with allergies, especially asthma patients, increase their symptoms when they go to such homes.

    Cockroaches need food and moisture to survive and reproduce. There is some protection from cockroaches to deprive them of these. Is house dust allergy seasonal? The highest number of dust mites in the United States is found in July-August. This high number is maintained till December. The United States has the lowest number of allergies to dust mites in late spring. Some of these patients report that their symptoms are most common in the winter.

    This is because both dead germs and living germ wastes increase the allergic reaction. The amount of fungus also varies in different seasons. It is seen that the number of cockroaches is more during summer. The amount of dust in the air is high. And because people usually spend more time at home in the summer, the symptoms of allergies also increase during this time. How to understand if you have a dust allergy, you need to take the help of an allergist. He will notice your symptoms, want to know about your home and work environment.

    Ask questions about your habits, family history, tendency to comma or increase symptoms, type of pet. He will then do a test on your body called a skin-prick test. Blood tests may also be required. What to do to reduce the symptoms of such allergies There are three basic treatment steps: 0 Stay away from dust germs 0 Take medication as advised by doctor 0 Immunotherapy How to stay away from dust germs . It is difficult to completely remove dust germs. However, you can adopt some methods, so that the amount is kept to a minimum.

    An allergist can advise you on this. Pay special attention to the bedroom. On an average, people spend one-third of their time in the bedroom. At the same time, it has been seen that the amount of dust germs is more in the bedroom. For this, a person suffering from dust-allergy should pay more attention to the bedroom.

    Choose bedding items that can be washed and cleaned to reduce allergies. Use synthetic things without using foam or cotton on the pillow. Wash and dry the bedding once a week indefinitely. 0 If possible, use air conditioner and humidifier in the bedroom. Low humidity will prevent germs and cockroaches from breeding.

    Youcan use a fine cloth filter in the window. These need to be changed frequently. Put the clothes in the closet. Keep the lid closed. 0 If there is any dead animal or animal part in the house, throw it out immediately.

    Neverallow a pet to enter the bedroom. Reduce floor dust 0 Clean the house at regular intervals. Do not use damp and oily cloths when wiping the floor. Use a face mask when cleaning the house.

    Itis better not to use carpet in the bedroom. Even if you use it, you will take the kind of carpets that are well-arranged.

    Removeitems and furniture that cannot be cleaned regularly without leaving them in the bedroom. Use air conditioners that reduce the humidity in the house by keeping the humidity below 50 percent. Clean the AC filter regularly. If necessary, change the filter frequently. However, keep in mind that dust germs cannot stay in the air for long. So you have to pay more attention to cleaning the floor and walls.


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