A Fruit that will Melt Gallstones

    Olive is a well known fruit of Bangladesh. Raw olives are quite nutritious, rich in vitamin C. Raw olives can be cooked and eaten pickled. This fruit is found in almost all countries of the world.

    If you make it a habit to eat olives every day, your health will be better. Moreover, immunity will also increase. Because olives are rich in vitamin-C, calories, sugars, calcium and many other elements. So you can put this fruit on the daily food list. So let’s know about the health benefits of olives-

    A Fruit that will Melt Gallstones

    > Regularly eating olives helps the gallbladder to function properly. The tendency to have gallstones is reduced.

    When fat accumulates in the blood vessels of the human heart, it is most likely to cause heart disease. The antioxidants in olives prevent heart block. It contains mono-saturated fat. Which is very beneficial for our heart.

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    Black olives are a good source of vitamins. Olives contain mono-saturated fat. Vitamin E in olives prevents abnormal cell formation. This reduces the risk of cancer.

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    > Black olive oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants that work in skin and hair care. Applying olive oil to the hair follicles strengthens the hair follicles. This eliminates the problem of hair loss. Vitamin E in olives brings smoothness to the skin. Olives also prevent skin damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

    > Olives help prevent allergies. It contains a lot of vitamin C which is effective in healing skin infections and other wounds.

    > Many people have bone loss due to age. Olive oil is very beneficial in preventing bone loss.

    Regular consumption of olives reduces the risk of colon cancer. Olives help in digestion of food. Not only this, olives also protect against gastric and ulcers. Olive oil contains a lot of fiber. Which helps in metabolism.

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    > Vitamin A is found in olives. Vitamin A is good for the eyes. Olives are a medicine for those whose eyes are sensitive to light and darkness. This olive also eliminates the problems of bacterial attack, eye swelling, and infection of the eyelids.

    > When the mono-saturated fat in olives is taken instead of the saturated fat present in other foods, it helps to break down the fat cells inside the body. Olive oil also contains low cholesterol which helps in reducing weight and blood pressure.



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