9 Rare Diseases for Which there is no Antidote

    What’s the most horrible disease on the planet in the present day? Anybody can identify most cancers or AIDS. We all know extra about these two ailments due to the media and different media. However you understand, there are various extra horrible ailments like these, that are very uncommon on the identical time. And to date no antidote has been found. Let’s discover out about 9 such uncommon ailments.

    (1) Progeria

    Those that have seen the film ‘Paa’ starring Amitabh Bachchan in Bollywood are acquainted with this uncommon illness. One out of each 6 million youngsters on the planet is contaminated with this illness. Progeria is a genetic situation (disease) wherein the affected affected person will get the impression of previous age in childhood. And the youngsters who’re contaminated die on the age of 13 to 20. Progeria just isn’t a hereditary illness and to date docs have utilized all the things from most cancers medication to hormone therapies to save lots of progeria sufferers, however have failed. Signs of this horrible illness embrace untimely getting old of the face, swollen eyes, abnormally small facial options, and wrinkles on the skin of the physique. The hair on the affected kid’s head begins to fall off on the age of two years, and most often the affected person dies of cardiac arrest or cerebral hemorrhage.

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    (2) Allergy to water

    It’s a very uncommon disease and to date solely 30 sufferers have been identified with this water allergy. It often happens in maturity and most often ladies are affected on account of hormonal variations within the physique throughout childbirth. In England, a 21-year-old woman couldn’t drink or drink water. As quickly as he got here involved with water, his skin would begin burning. He may solely eat diet-coke and take a shower for 10 seconds solely as soon as every week. That is primarily because of the ions current within the water.

    (3) to die laughing or ‘kuru’

    Kuru is a really uncommon illness that’s discovered solely among the many tribal inhabitants of New Guinea. The signs of this illness are sudden burst of laughter. This causes a gap within the mind and the person dies. The illness is especially brought on by consuming regular meat.

    In lots of locations the mind tissue of the useless was cooked and eaten. Contaminated folks can not eat or stand usually, stumble randomly, and lose their means to talk. The tip end result was a coma and demise. Nevertheless, because of the efforts of the New Guinea authorities, cannibalism is now banned in most components of the nation.

    (4) Perphyria

    King George III of England was with this uncommon illness. When contaminated with this illness, the colour of urine and feces turns into purple. That is primarily because of the downside in making proteins from pink blood cells. This disease causes issues within the pores and skin and nervous system of the affected affected person. Signs of paraphernalia embrace nausea, constipation, belly ache and numerous abdomen issues, sunburn, itching and swelling of the skin. In lots of circumstances, the hair on the entrance of the pinnacle could fall out. As well as, the colour of tooth and nails could flip pink.

    (5) Fatal familial insomnia (FFI): A horrible insomnia disease

    It’s a genetic disease and to date 40 households world wide have been identified with this uncommon disease. The principle signs are incapacity to sleep, hypertension and elevated pulse charge, extreme sweating. Different regular actions are additionally disrupted. In a single such illness, not all members of an Italian household die on the identical time.

    (6) Alien Hand Syndrome or AHS

    The person with this syndrome has irregular hand actions. The contaminated individual has no management over his fingers. Anybody who appears to be like on the hand will suppose that it’s a dwelling entity aside from itself! The hand of a person affected by this horrible illness tries to seize various things by itself, whether or not that individual needs it or not. And it’s primarily brought on by bleeding within the mind, infections, tumors or surgical issues within the mind. The affected person doesn’t perceive what his hand is doing. The dreaded stage of the illness is that at one level the affected person himself begins speaking along with his fingers. Since 1909, solely 40 to 50 folks have been identified with this uncommon disease.

    (6) Tree man

    The human papilloma virus begins to breed on the skin of the contaminated affected person. The affected person’s immune system is damaged and the affected person is already weak. At this level, the virus spreads to all components of the affected person’s skin. Regularly the affected person’s pores and skin turns into just like the bark of a tree. To date no efficient drug has been developed.

    (6) Hypertrichosis

    That is primarily on account of hormonal variations within the physique which causes irregular hair progress within the physique. It may be hereditary and may have an effect on anybody, boy or woman. When contaminated with this disease, hair begins rising in unusual locations of the physique, the place hair could not develop usually. Many could also be born with this downside and plenty of could have this downside later in life. The body of the contaminated affected person turns into very similar to that of a wolf or a wire wolf.

    (9) Argeria or blue skin

    The Fuget household has suffered from this downside for the final 200 years. The disease has unfold all through the household for generations, leading to blue or purple body coloration. In medical language it’s known as methemoglobinemia. This causes extra hemoglobin to construct up within the blood. The pores and skin of the affected person’s body turns into blue, the lips are purple and the colour of the blood is brown. If this illness happens, it continues for generations. Those that are extra affected have a a lot greater threat of coronary heart disease, even death.


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